Any Given Sunday

By Damian Bradfield

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

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WeTransfers The Supporting Act Foundation

At WeTransfer we’ve been enabling art since the very beginning of the company, from about the time we transferred our first lucky file. Our core business is founded on the idea of transfer, or flow, of the unimpeded movement of ideas necessary to create art. …


It is Sunday right?

Isn't going to help us get through this. Neither are most of the male leaders of the world. Certainly not Donald Trump. (pssst: I recently added a new piece of Donald Trump memorabilia to my collection, if you write me back I'll send you a postcard).


Electronic letters and voices

The year is 2020. How we consume digital content and pay for it is changing as we speak.We are beginning to see the aggregation and bundling of streaming services. We will hit subscription saturation. Some publishers reliant on banner advertising revenue will…


Forests, Porn and Podcasts

It's dark out there.📚Somebody recently shared a fascinating theory of recent digital behaviour the internet with me written by KickStarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler.'In response to the ads, the tracking, the trolling, the hype, and other predatory behaviour…


The long game

I just arrived back from a trip to Lisbon. 70,000 people from the tech industry crammed into a sprawling souq mostly discussing the need for 'long term thinking.'Novel.There isn't an individual in the creative industry that knows any game plan other than the …


Buy a book and go offline.

Sadly, someone, somewhere just committed suicide. In fact someone commits suicide every 40 seconds. I believe technology, our addiction to it, in particular social media and the resultant semi-permanent state of FOMO is contributing massively to the above sta…



In England, freedom is about individuality. Freedom is the right to be able to express oneself. Americans view freedom as the right to free speech. Also In Germany, freedom is the right to privacy. To be left alone. (Ich muss Deutsche sein)Around the world, t…


Any given Sunday - Schools out for summer

Schools out. I'm getting ready to wax my speedo line and kick-back until August just like all good Europeans.Before that happens though here is a brief overview of:Whats going wrong and Whats going right.____________________________________________What's goin…


$ and silence and headspace

The hedgehog knows one big thing, but the fox knows many.1 - 🏥Medical debt is crippling in America. Its absurd that the current medical debt in LA city is $35m and we can alleviate that debt for just $350,000.Medical debt is the US No.1 cause of bankruptcy an…


Don't do to LA what tech did to San Francisco

From WeTransfer: Fulton Washington needs your help. Fulton Leroy Washington was a nonviolent drug offender when he was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to manufacture PCP. He served over 21 years wrongfully convicted before receiving clemency by Pre…


Any given Sunday

📺The end of the f***ing world. If you're British, you'll have seen this a long time ago. If you aren't British lucky you, watch it now. Two kids; Jessica Barden (Alyssa) and Alex Lawther (James) go on a rampage across the Isle of Sheppey to find Alyssa's fath…


Any given Sunday

So be sure when you step, step with care and great tact. And remember that life's A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed)📕Dr. Seuss, Oh The Places You'll Go! I've read this book many times. Today it fe…


A Day of Social Silence

This year we flew as a family to New Zealand to celebrate with the hobbits. It was our first time in such company. I now know the facts. Those creatures aren’t always shorter than four feet!The adventure is complete, and now that I've returned safely?! to Cal…


Lost iPhone

What's going wrong?The internet. We've created a monster.The man who helped create the WWW is devastated as am I, but we're going to fix this.Read: 10 minsWe're lonely. Whilst Britain is battling with an identity crisis to match the size of Trumps ego, they h…


Something for the weekend?

AI, Emapthy, self help and addiction all covered in this weeks weekend guide. 📕Surviving AI. Calum Chace is one of the worlds experts on AI. You can't escape it, if you claim to be thinking of tomorrow.Read: 208 pagesDot Everyones guide to responsible tech. "…


Any given Sunday

📻 Two podcastsCaliphate from the New York Times. Isis for idiots. Another great, impeccably produced podcast with reporter Rukmini Callimachi in search of who it is we are really fighting. Listen: 10 episodes of 30 minsEverything is alive. Interviews with ina…


Any given Sunday

Hi. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Below are a variety of things that crossed my path over the last couple of weeks brought to you from Schloss Krickenbeck, Germany.👂Digital Humanism. Sam Harris in conversation with VR godfather and author Jaron LanierL…


Any given Sunday

Unforgettable. Robbie Stamp has an imagined conversation with his late business partner and friend, the amazing Douglas Adams.Listen: 13 minsThe next time you're on tinder ask yourself whether the person you're engaging with is real or an AI. IRL Virtual Conn…


Any given Sunday

Hi. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Below are a variety of things that crossed my path over the last couple of weeks:👂This is a great listen from powerhouse Kara Swisher featuring Matt Mullenweg, Wordpress founder with 750 employees all working without p…


Any given Sunday

Written between visits to Amsterdam, London and Galway. This is my email summary of all things real.👂The Allen and Co. Sun Valley conference held in Idaho each July has been headlined by Silicon Valley for years, this year it wasn't. Maybe big data and flamet…