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Any given Sunday

Hi. I hope you're enjoying your weekend.  Below are a variety of things that crossed my path over the

Any Given Sunday

April 22 · Issue #2 · View online
A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Hi. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 
Below are a variety of things that crossed my path over the last couple of weeks:

This is a very good listen from the information about Zuck and a conman. 
Listen: 30mins
Life on Mars. A new podcast. A true story about a fake planet.
Listen; 7 episodes of just 24 mins
Martin Sorrell The WPP CEO stepped down. Apparently for minor misconduct. What would he do if it were major?  Is this is the final nail in the coffin of the traditional advertising/media empire?
Read: 6 mins
In case you didn’t know this, you’re living in an Echo Chamber. Its kinda like a cult. The worst thing for you is, if you’re reading this you’re in it with me!
Read: 15 mins
67% of the US population can currently only choose between two Internet Service Providers and those two providers are about to be granted even more control. This article from the Smithsonian highlights what the US could learn from Brazil, India and Europe. However, In California, there might still be hope for us. 
Read 5 mins
Get into Killing Eve. Partly because they only release one episode each week. Like, the olden days. (It’s on BBC America so you do have to endure constant advertising, apologies.)
Watch: 2 episodes so far: 40 mins
Wild Wild Country. Is a wild wild ride. This is intense. The Duplass brothers did what they do best.
Watch: 6 episodes of 70 mins.
Ted this year was more Dystopia than Utopia. Jaron Lanier gave the TED talk I would have loved to have given. How we need to remake the internet.
Watch: 14 mins
When Nalden and I redesigned back in 2015 we ended up getting fired and Steven Murphy the CEO was fired too. Apparently, there was no need for an online art market? 
Hiscox says the online art market is up 17% this year. Who would have guessed that buyers want transparency!
Read: 4 mins
Elon has been boring tunnels under LA to get people across LA faster and now he’s taking over the ports of LA to get spaceships to Mars built faster.
Read: 5 mins

If Amazon selects LA for its 2nd HQ it will mean that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel will all be investing upwards of $5bn in LA and creating 50,000+ jobs over the course of the next 24 months. I hope the tech industry doesn’t do to LA what it did to San Francisco.
PS: We are launching our own mini Net Neutral ISP in LA this week, more soon.
That’s it. I hope you enjoy this summary, I enjoyed pulling it together. 
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