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Any given Sunday

Dear email friends one day I'll print my own Sunday newspaper and hand deliver it to you. Until that

Any Given Sunday

May 20 · Issue #4 · View online
A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Dear email friends one day I’ll print my own Sunday newspaper and hand deliver it to you. Until that time, my weekly findings will remain in email form. Here’s what came across my desk this week…

The last UK referendum led us to Brexit the next brought back capital punishment. Meet the capital team, executing an execution. 
Listen: 6 episodes of 40 mins

Not just because I’m a fan of foxes but because I’m a fan of Brownswood Recordings. (who happen to like foxes) We out here.  A primer on London’s bright-burning young jazz scene.
Listen on Spotify:  54 mins

There are so many layers to an artist like Robin Williams that it will be hard to ever tire of reading about this genius. Inside the final days of Robin Williams. 
Read: 12 mins

Your Starbucks coffee is going to be priced based on your credit score, your route, google maps data and you won’t know. Hello surge pricing (not just for Uber and Postmates.)
Read: 6 mins 

The next time you nonchalantly take a No.2 or ask for double bagging in the supermarket think about this; the US might just have 13 years left before all the landfills are full. 
Read: 2 mins 

The selfish ledger. An unsettling internal Google video, but not entirely surprising look at how Google can use your deeply intimate data (if you allow it) to help solve the problems of the world?
Watch: 8 mins

An incredibly charming documentary featuring director Agnes Varda and uber cool photographer/muralist; JR. Faces Places. 
Watch: 1h 40 mins

Scab Vendor. Forgive the name. Watch the trailer and let me know whether we should help make this film happen? Needles, Jonathan Shaw, Johnnie Depp, Iggy Pop and R.Crumb. What could go wrong?
Watch: 3 mins

Gook: An intense but stunning film about Los Angeles in 1992. A city torn with racism told through the eyes of 2 Korean friends. 
Watch: 1h 34 mins
In 2013 we made this short film about Stanley Kubrick and Hardy Amies, working with his brother in law Jan Harlan we were able to explore the Kubrick archives. Sadly we didn’t find these. Stanley Kubrick’s early photographs of New York.
Browse: 3 mins

A simple introduction to the artist Jackson Pollock and how he changed painting forever.
Watch: 5 mins 

I’ve always fancied being an artist. My issue was I was afraid to bare my soul. Edvard Munch has some advice. 
Read: 4 mins

And finally: 
I’d like to claim that our net neutrality song caused the Senate to nullify the FCC’s net neutrality repeal. I’m sure it didn’t, but I’m glad there seems to be some light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. 

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