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Any given Sunday

Instagram has become VR and Facebook is really Facelook. I'm on a mission to take offline values onli

Any Given Sunday

June 10 · Issue #5 · View online
A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Instagram has become VR and Facebook is really Facelook. I’m on a mission to take offline values online. This is my email summary of all things real. 
We Came to win. Even if you don’t enjoy the beautiful game. This is so worth listening to. From Hillsborough to Hope Solo. My son and I have enjoyed this soccer-centric podcast from the guys at Gimlet.
Listen to 8 Episodes of around 50 mins.
Love Black Mirror? Have a listen to this interview between Adam Buxton and Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker. (Warning Charlie swears so much it’s impressive)
Listen to 1h 22mins.
Working with Gilles Peterson, you’re always being surprised. This time he gifted us Khruangbin. Sit back.  This is perfect Sunday listening and reading.
Listen and Read: 12 mins
Within the context of no context. A short real-world read by George Trow. An eerie premonition of the future from the past.
Read: 192 pages
51% of teens say they now use Facebook Vs 71% in 2015. 95% own a smartphone and YouTube is killing it. Teens, Social Media and Technology 2018 report by the PEW Research Center. 
Read: 30 mins
This week it would be wrong to skip over the topic of depression and suicide. It’s been a harsh week. It’s a very real problem and getting worse. 
Read: 8 mins
If you’re thinking about going to watch Solo. Don’t. Do yourself a favour and go and watch Nossa Chape instead. A film about the rebuilding of the Chapecoense football club in Brazil after an aeroplane carrying the team crashed leaving all but three of the players dead.
Watch: 101 mins
The toys that made us. Nearly as entertaining as visiting the V&A’s Museum of childhood, just from your living room. Expect to be teleported back to your childhood. And if you missed Solo (see above) episode 1 is all about Star Wars.
Watch: 8 episodes of 45 mins
And finally:
We launched a new initiative this week called the Union of Concerned Photographers. A collective of creatives urging us to take responsibility for the future - for ourselves, for each other and for planet earth.

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