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Any given Sunday


Any Given Sunday

July 15 · Issue #7 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Written between visits to Amsterdam, London and Galway. This is my email summary of all things real.
The Allen and Co. Sun Valley conference held in Idaho each July has been headlined by Silicon Valley for years, this year it wasn’t. Maybe big data and flamethrowers just got boring?
Listen to: 27 mins
Since moving to Los Angeles I’ve been working out. Mentally and physically. Learning to let go of years of self-deprecation and modesty. Hence, I’m now ok saying ‘Hey! Here’s a podcast worth listening to, it’s with everyone’s favourite Sunday Times correspondent; Danny Fortson and…’ (doh! that still hurt a little) 
Listen to: 50 mins
In 2016 I met Princess Shaw in New Orleans. Princess Shaw or Samantha Montgomery, was a care worker turned overnight YouTube sensation by kibbutz-based wonder-producer Kutiman.  This is Kutimans psychedelic new album.
Listen to: 30 mins
WeTransfer is slow food. Facebook is fast food. Today the slow internet is a very current reality and here’s how to find it.
Read: 5 mins
America needs more middle kids. As families shrink in size we are going to lose the peacemakers, risk takers and level-headed loyalists that each middle child brings to a family and to the world. 
Read: 10 mins 
If your Instagram influencers won’t play ball. Create them. Lil Miquela; Instagrams most manageable media mogul. Instagram really is VR.
Read: 7 mins
Home School. About $35,000 cheaper than the average private school in the US. This class is about raising generous kids.
Watch: 3 mins
I’m not a huge fan of horse films or horses in general. In fact, they freak me out. However, Lean on Pete got me. Steve Buscemi again….
Watch: 2h 
Watch: 1h 32 mins
Air India has a priceless collection of art. Yet no one has seen it. 
Read: 5 mins
Germaine Greer suggests we shouldn’t teach art at school. Perhaps Germaine is just too old to remember what school was like?
Read: 7 mins

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