Any Given Sunday

By Damian Bradfield

Any given Sunday





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Any Given Sunday

July 29 · Issue #8 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Hi. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 
Below are a variety of things that crossed my path over the last couple of weeks:
This is a great listen from powerhouse Kara Swisher featuring Matt Mullenweg, Wordpress founder with 750 employees all working without pants.
Listen: 57mins
In the above mentioned podcast Kara and Matt discuss news. They mention Quartz, Axios and The Intercept. I would have added The Outline and The Information. (but they never asked….)
Here is a fantastic podcast from The Intercept; Double Negative.
Listen: 1h 27mins
For an Italian, time considerations will usually be subjected to human feelings. The Malagasy consider the future unknowable, therefore do not plan at all. I opt to finish a conversation over being punctual. What is time to you?
Read: 15 mins
This new book from digital public is the handbook for business looking to set new standards. Punchy.
Read: 204 pages
Not so long back I signed up for a specialised vitamin service. I pop 9 vitamins per day, 2 of which are Omega3 pills. Apparently it’s just Fools Gold.
Read: 6 mins
Sad gold. Legendary LA food critic Jonathan Gold has passed away. Here is his amazing story in words and pictures:
Watch: 2h 21mins
Read:5 mins
Following my seemingly never-ending fascination with dystopia, I stumbled upon this series from our melancholy Danish friends. The Rain. It’s melancholy and dystopian.
Watch: 1 season, 8 episodes - 41 mins
This weekend I got to spend some time with The Fathomers team and artist Michael Jones McKean discussing his new project; 12 earths. Here’s just a few things I learnt:
  1. There is such a thing as self healing concrete.
  2. Point Nemo is the most remote place on earth. And a space graveyard.
  3. I just watched the new Hedy LaMarr doc, but had no idea Lord Byrons daughter; Ada Lovelace wrote the worlds 1st algorithm right back in 1843.
Lastly. We don’t have a CSR department. We are one. Finally here’s something in writing to tell you a little about what we do.
Read: 3 mins
That’s it. I hope you’re enjoying the summer.

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