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Any given Sunday


Any Given Sunday

August 19 · Issue #9 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Hello. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 
Here’s this weeks slightly shorter than normal summary of the things that got me thinking. In each edition I’ll touch on topics around Technology, Climate and Creativity.

Unforgettable. Robbie Stamp has an imagined conversation with his late business partner and friend, the amazing Douglas Adams.
Listen: 13 mins
The next time you’re on tinder ask yourself whether the person you’re engaging with is real or an AI. IRL Virtual Connections.
Listen: 28 mins
Hey, you know the computer, the Lisa. Was it named after me?” “Nope. Sorry Kid.
This piece from Vanity Fair is a sad insight into the real Steve Jobs.
Read: 5 mins
I tricked you all earlier into thinking that there was less to read! This is a monster document. But. Its brilliant. It examines the increasingly prominent role of personal data in political campaigning and most importantly offers some suggestions.
Read: 45 pages (but its worth it)
Orwell knew. We just don’t refer to them as tele-screens.
Read: 5 mins (don’t listen to the audio version, its unbearable.)
Sharp Objects is complex. Amy Adams is Complex. I think this series is better than Big Little Lies.
Watch: 6 Episodes. 1h
The Turtle Conservancy. The work they do is astounding, the magazine they publish is beautiful. If you can visit them in Ojai, only if you support them.
Support: 2 mins
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