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Any given Sunday


Any Given Sunday

September 30 · Issue #11 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

How do you do? I trust that your weekend has been horrifically drab and dreary, that this email may come as a ‘god-ray’ from my inbox to yours.
As usual its packed* with a combination of dystopia and utopia.
[*Not true. Through hours of studying data, graphs, creating cohorts and all those other things I’m great at. I can conclusively state that 6 pieces of info is the max you guys can handle.]

📻 Two podcasts
Caliphate from the New York Times. Isis for idiots. Another great, impeccably produced podcast with reporter Rukmini Callimachi in search of who it is we are really fighting.
Listen: 10 episodes of 30 mins
Everything is alive. Interviews with inanimate objects. Give this a chance. Its unscripted genius.
Listen: 6 episodes of 20 mins
📺 Three series from Netflix
Maniac. Sweet mother of Mary. Is this the greatest TV show ever made? I think its up there. Words escape me. This show combines phenomenal art direction, with incredible storytelling and acting and tackles mental health issues and AI in one. Wow.
Watch: 10 episodes of 30-45 mins
Sacred Games. The criminal life in Mumbai. A refreshing take on Mumbai and once again Netflix demonstrating their international presence.
Watch: 8 episodes of 47 mins
Hilda. The greatest girls graphic novel ever written. Now on Netflix. Luke Pearson is a personal hero, recently interviewed by my daughter here. (age range 6-12 or 41 like me)
Watch: 10 episodes of 24 mins
Another 50 million accounts at Facebook were breached. You won’t be surprised to find out this was not the first time this has happened.
Want to know whether any hack has ever affected you. You can use this little tool from our friends at Mozilla:
Turns out my email was hacked twice in a Tumblr and Linkedin breach last year.
Thats it for this week. As promised 6 things that came across my desk this week. And yes, I did say desk. I like using a desk and a computer, pen and note pad and I like drinking from glass. None of this appeared on my phone whilst I was on the John.
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