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Any given Sunday - Schools out for summer


Any Given Sunday

June 16 · Issue #19 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

Schools out. I’m getting ready to wax my speedo line and kick-back until August just like all good Europeans.
Before that happens though here is a brief overview of:
Whats going wrong and Whats going right.
What’s going wrong:
Surprise, surprise. The usual suspects are still struggling to figure out what being a decent human being means.
YOU Tube!
YouTube will stop paying you out your pocket money if you’re a racist or homophobic. Naughty you! But you can stay on the platform. ‘We prioritise monetisation’ says YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. You have to cut them some slack, they have only had 14 years to try to figure this stuff out!
I wasn’t able to make it to Code conference this year so I have had to catch up via video. Here is Susan and Peter Kafka in conversation on the topic.
Boris and British Bollocktics.
I am not going to even start. But just wanted to offer a suggestion. To my island loving friends, here are some options for alternative citizenship. $150,000 will get you a St.Kitts passport, also an island, better weather. $500,000 invested in Portuguese property can move you to Lisbon. Run.
And in case you hadn’t seen this, here is Boris Johnson’s Eton school report from 1982.
What’s going right?
So many things. My son quit fortnite, skates 2-3 hours per day now and I have finally finished my book.
The internet in rural China.
Cheap, state-funded broadband is enabling millions in rural China to earn a relatively decent living and continues to grant access to information, learning, products, and information that was previously unattainable.
Read: 5 mins (you will need to input your email)
Where is paradise in 2019?
Can you imagine a day without social media? Nothing in your feed, nothing to comment on, to feel you missed out on. Just you and your thoughts or you and your friends. That sounds like paradise to me!
That day is coming, 11th October 2019 is ‘_Day’.
Join thousands who have signed up here.
The graduate.
February 2nd, 2017, the University of the Underground launches in Amsterdam. The worlds only 100% free MA in Experience Design.
Two years later and the inaugural class of Nelly Ben Hayoun’s most progressive school ever graduate. It’s been a monumental effort please congratulate Nelly. @nellybenhayoun.
You can see all the work here.
Ron Burgundy.
I had the pleasure of meeting Will Ferrell recently. A reserved, quiet and considerate art lover, remarkably well dressed in a grey two-piece suit. Far removed from his Anchorman character, which makes this podcast even more enjoyable. This is marmite. I love it. But I understand it’s not for everyone. (shout out to Gail for the recommendation)
That’s it. Suggestions welcome.

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