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Any Given Sunday

October 6 · Issue #21 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

“We have a society that is becoming ever lonelier, ever more convinced that life is about money and status, ever more disconnected from the natural world, ever more financially insecure for most people, and where we think that life is about screaming at each other through screens.” Johann Hari

We need to do something about this.
Sadly, someone, somewhere just committed suicide.
In fact someone commits suicide every 40 seconds.
I believe technology, our addiction to it, in particular social media and the resultant semi-permanent state of FOMO is contributing massively to the above statistic.
How can you help yourself? (4 easy tips)
Turn on screen time.
Binge less and revert to appointment viewing.
Moderate social media. One hour a day? Not on your phone?
Never allow phones in the bedroom.
Turn your phone on silent and turn notifications off. (you can still use VIP settings to allow important calls to ring)
Spend more time with people IRL. Start local.
“If you hold your breath waiting for companies to make their products less engaging, you’re going to suffocate.“ Nir Eyal
No one is pushing this technology upon us, forcing us to pay for 5G and iPhone XS’s. We are in control and need to stop acting like victims.
It’s down to you and me!
Buy my book - The Trust Manifesto
I touch on some of the above issues, but mostly on the role of the technology companies and the need for more responsible tech in my new book The Trust Manifesto and all of my proceeds will go to a charity called United for Global Mental Health.
You can buy it here:
Here’s what Stephen Fry had to say about it:
‘A superb and timely book showing how we can face up to the tsunami of big data that threatens to engulf us all’ Stephen Fry
Organise something for Empty Day.
Your first digital sabbath. A day without data - just 6 days away.
What are you going to do?
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