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Don't do to LA what tech did to San Francisco


Any Given Sunday

April 7 · Issue #17 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

From WeTransfer:
Fulton Washington needs your help. Fulton Leroy Washington was a nonviolent drug offender when he was sentenced to life in prison for conspiracy to manufacture PCP. He served over 21 years wrongfully convicted before receiving clemency by President Obama on May 5, 2016. We helped produce a film. Its up for an award, we’re currently in 2nd place. Please vote.
‘Don’t do to LA what tech did to San Francisco.’ Something I was asked by Ann Philbin of the Hammer museum upon moving to LA. This is the first step in our response; a guide to helping build and support community in LA. Companies and Communities.
Yesterday HBO aired Native Son. It’s based on Richard Wrights novel of the same name and has been made into a film previously, however not like this, and not starring Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders and not directed by artist Rashid Johnson!
Border. I urge you to not read anything more than the below about this film. Just stumble into it and be prepared to be blown away. It is disgusting, sexual, heavy, beautiful and possibly one of the most fantastical films I have ever seen.
Hired. 6 months undercover in low wage Britain is a sad story of the abuse of large corporations on the needy. From one of Britains best young writers, who deserves your support. Surprise, surprise, Bezos makes an appearance.
Digital Minimalism. Choosing a focused life in a noisy world. I hope that you all read this book and feel as if you learnt nothing. You’re already so in control of your tech usage and the slightest tremor from your iPhone X doesn’t make you lurch across the table.
We’ve all got 1million photos. We all pay too much for storage. is coming soon. Archive, safely and securely everything. 200gb of storage for less then the price of a cup of coffee per month and no fixed price tiers. Why has no one done this well?

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