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Lost iPhone


Any Given Sunday

December 9 · Issue #13 · View online

A sporadic letter of listening, reading, and watching suggestions.

This week, I did two things:
  1. I lost my rag and threw my sons iPhone 6S out of the car window in Malibu.* (Not the greatest parenting move on earth.) But the internet sometimes just brings out the worst in people.
  2. I decided to change the format of this email a little. Its now just two parts;
Whats going wrong.
Whats going right.
*No iPhone and Fabian is out on the streets skateboarding again. (My phone’s going next.)

What’s going wrong?
The internet. We’ve created a monster.
The man who helped create the WWW is devastated as am I, but we’re going to fix this.
We’re lonely.
Whilst Britain is battling with an identity crisis to match the size of Trumps ego, they have appointed their first minister for loneliness. Why? Because, shock-horror, spending 3 hours+ a day isolated, on a phone and looking at stuff you don’t have or can’t afford is depressing.
Read: 4 mins
Instagram isn’t a candy store.
It’s a photographic fruit machine with added ‘chat functionality’ (free drinks in a casino). ‘Likes’ are drip-fed to keep you hooked and to quote the MGM Las Vegas; ‘We only wish we had the insight, data, technology and control that Instagram has. Casino’s are regulated.’
Algorithms are not your friend.
And are not objective. Think about it. Or just watch this short film.
Facebook is brilliant. The company is terrible.
Remember this email exchange back in 2004?
Zuck: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
friend: What? How’d you manage that one?
Zuck: People just submitted it. 
Zuck: I don’t know why. 
Zuck: They “trust me” 
Zuck: Dumb fucks.
Enough said.
Of course there are emails about bringing down Vine and business games, but what would you expect this is one of the most powerful companies on earth.
You need to choose whether you want to spend your time paying for this site.
Whats going right?
More and more people are talking about the platforms of power, the responsibility they have and lack of accountability they display.
Damian Collins.
Thats who. He’s going after Facebook and isn’t intimated by Zuck.
Google Employees.
They’re finally speaking out. The entertaining element here is they are worried that the Chinese should collaborate with Google on censored search. Whats worse? Government censoring information or corporations? But, at least the employees are doing something.
These companies need to be fixed from the inside out. I’m done with whistle-blowers blowing whistles once their shares are fully vested.
Sam Harris.
He is leading so many thoughtful conversations around issues of mental health, depression and the internet. This episode about addiction with writer Johann Hari is enlightening.
Scott Galloway.
It’s a joy to listen to Scott and Kara talk across one another in their show Pivot. Scott’s quick wit and sharp tongue, combined with a fantastic wealth of knowledge around the www makes this short podcast essential listening.
That’s it. A different format, less about music and film and more about the real / virtual world.
Let me know if it works for you?
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